International Women’s Day | Dear Little Girl

It’s International Women’s Day, so I took my littlest girl out for a special photo session.  I want her to always know she is both beautiful and smart, strong and sweet, funny and serious.  She doesn’t have to confine herself to norms or stereotypes.  She can be herself.  Whoever she wants to be.  I want her to know that she can be loud, jump high, and think deeply.  That there is no limit to where her influence and love can reach.  

I want all girls to know these things.  To believe them.  To live their authentic lives.

Bright and cheerful… or dark and moody.  Be true to you.

Bright and cheerful… or dark and moody.  Be true to you.

Little Girl


She’s with Grandma in front

of Grandma’s house, backed

by a willow tree, gladiola and roses.

Who did she ever want

to please? But Grandma

seems half-pleased and annoyed.

No doubt Mother frowns

behind the lens, wants

to straighten this sassy face.

Maybe laughs, too.

Little girl with her mouth wide,

tongue out, yelling

at the camera. See her little

white purse full of treasure,

her white sandals?

She has things to do,

you can tell. Places to explore

beyond the frame,

and these women picking flowers

and taking pictures.

Why won’t they let her go?


To all the little girls who will grow up and become the women that lead our world someday:  Dream Big.  Love Wildly.  Believe in your passions.  KNOW that nothing is impossible.  You are everything you want to be.  And even if you fail, you learn.  You WILL win again, I promise.  And you are ALWAYS enough.